A Walker in L.A.: Best in State

Sorry, San Fran, West Hollywood has been ranked the Most Walkable City in California

What’s the most walkable place in California? Turns out it’s right in your own backyard. Or perhaps your front yard. West Hollywood has been crowned The Most Walkable City in the state, according to rankings on Walk Score, which considers distances between a location’s amenities, like grocery stores, restaurants, schools, parks, and public transit. West Hollywood scored an 89—higher than San Francisco, San Diego and the City of Los Angeles.

While other cities have recently started paying more attention to their pedestrian infrastructure, WeHo has been making improvements for decades. A quick walk through the city will reveal wide sidewalks, smart signage, and well thought-out signaling. But my favorite WeHo walking feature is relatively new: The rainbow-striped crosswalks. Sure, they’re a symbol of civic pride, but to me, they do double-duty to make walkers feel good about leaving their cars behind, celebrating pedestrians with every color as they make their way across the street.

Above: Video taken at Santa Monica and San Vicente, West Hollywood

Alissa Walker is a writer, a gelato eater, and a walker in L.A. She shares an experience from her adventures around town at CityThink each Wednesday. Follow her daily on Instagram at @awalkerinLA, on Twitter, or at her blog, and use the hashtag #betteroffped to share your own photographs of walking in L.A.