A Walker in L.A.: Alley Girl

Exploring the reclaimed back passageways of Old Pasadena

Where are the best alleys in L.A. is something you’re probably not asking yourself on a daily basis. But if you head over to Old Pasadena, you’ll find some truly beautiful specimens, like this one I strolled through over the weekend. Pasadena’s made a concerted effort to reclaim these forgotten public passageways for walkers. Most people have experienced them as a patron of one of the cafes and restaurants that use the extra space for al fresco seating. But I like to wander them like some kind of urban maze. Here, I get a completely different experience of the local architecture, viewing the monumental buildings backwards on a quiet, shadowed path. Only a few feet from the bustle of Colorado Blvd. I feel like I’m a world away.