A Road Map to L.A.’s New Bike Share Program


The second largest bike share program in the nation is scheduled to launch this fall 

The Plan
Bike Nation, a privately owned Southern California-based company, will install 400 rental kiosks with a total of 4,000 bicycles around the city. It’s part of a decade-long commitment to investing in L.A.’s cycling infrastructure. 

The Spots
Beginning in mid-October, the first four locations will be Venice, Hollywood, Westwood, and downtown, with eventual expansion to the Greater L.A. area, according to Bike Nation executive Derek Fretheim. 

The Bikes
The 40-pound unisex rides come three- or seven-speed, depending on the area’s terrain. These U.S.-built custom rides have standout features such as a shaft drive (no messy jean-snagging chain) and a larger seat for backside support. 

The Tech
Each bike is equipped with GPS capability, which tracks rider data (duration of trip, mileage, route) that Bike Nation hopes to aggregate and share with fellow riders, city planners, and bike coalitions to inform and improve future mapping and routes. 

The Cost
Rentals will operate on a multi-tiered subscription model, with daily ($6), monthly ($35), and yearly ($75) options. The first 30 minutes of each ride will be free; there’s a charge for every half hour after that. Helmets not included. 

The Goal
Bike Nation wants a program that rivals that of Paris and London—which right now sounds tougher than winning the Tour de France. “If we can make it work in L.A.,” says Fretheim, “we can make it work anywhere.”

Image courtesy atlantabicycles.com