A Different Tune: Three L.A.-Boosting Song Lyrics


Last month, senior editor Shayna Rose Arnold spoke with Compton mayor Aja Brown about her hopes of dispelling the city’s N.W.A.-era image. To kick things off, we tracked down three ditties with an upbeat take on L.A. that may be worth a listen.

1. Let Me Back In
Rilo Kiley
“But when the palm trees bow their heads / No matter how wrong I’ve been / L.A., you always let me back in.”

2. Los Angeles Blues
Peggy Lee
“You have mountains and the ocean and a great big smiling sky… / The blues pass Los Angeles by.”

3. Time Spent in Los Angeles
“You got that special kind of sadness / You got that tragic set of charms / That only comes from time spent in Los Angeles.”

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