A Bear-Free Thursday Afternoon Cram, 5/31/12


Everything you need to know from today’s front pages

LAPD Officer After Guiness Record for Longest Ferris Wheel Ride In Santa Monica Right Now
We’re queasy just thinking about it.

Utah Pranksters Get 15 Minutes For “Burried Treasure” Gag
“Our next move is just to keep making people laugh.”

Hemet High School Student Hits Eight People Leaving Campus
Two students and one adult are in critical condition.

Alan Horn Named Chairman of Disney
The former Warner Brothers exec got his mouse ears today.

John Edwards Gets Off Again
Sorry, couldn’t resist. The jury in his misconduct case deadlocked on five of six charges.

Boston Federal Appeals Court Finds Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional
They’re kicking this thing upstairs.
[Washington Post] 

Computers Expect LA Kings To Win the Stanley Cup
Simulated victory!