8 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Locals Only

L.A.-inspired outfits, plus how to pull them off

It’s the weekend before Halloween, which means you’re running out of time to get a costume together. Don’t plan to pop on some cat ears and call it a night. We once again have you covered with last minute ideas that are topical, fun, and will help you win that costume contest. Happy Halloween!

American Apparel is, sadly, struggling to stay alive, so why not honor the Halloween-happy brand zombie style?
How to do it: Approximately $200 of head-to-toe American Apparel items and exaggerated zombie makeup. To go the extra mile, carry around a papier-mâché head of Dov Charney.

This week Los Angeles has been ruffled by news of a potentially serious earthquake on the horizon, which is a reminder that you need an earthquake kit. Why not go full PSA and remind everyone of this fact by being an earthquake kit for Halloween?
How to do it: Fasten bandages, batteries, canned food, local maps, flashlights, water bottles, and more supplies to yourself then wrap it all up in caution tape and top it off with a nametag that says, “Hi! Do you have an earthquake kit?”

The spot is Los Angeles’ most iconic concert venue and the source of much bumper-to-bumper frustration.
How to do it: Make or buy a giant bowl to wear as a hat or to hover over your shoulders. Then, place a recreation of the Hollywood Sign on top.

The Silicon Valley of Southern California is all about tech, but an L.A. way to do this costume is to play off of the city’s relationship with plastic surgery, too. (Silicon, get it?)
How to do it: Stuff your top, wear an unzipped hoodie, and Snapchat the night away.

The new downtown contemporary art museum is the only museum locals are talking about this minute. The waiting list to get in on the weekends won’t relent until 2016, so why not bring the museum to the people?
How to do it: Cover yourself in white cheese graters.

The biggest L.A. film of the year! The most solid star in the world! Exaggerated earthquakes! Hollywood!
How to do it: Put on a flight suit or Air Rescue uniform and a pilot helmet. Then stick a map of California on your back with the San Andreas Fault circled. Carry a rock for good measure.

The world is suddenly 50 emojis richer, and new illustration with the most L.A. cred is the taco. Be the taco!
How to do it: Make a giant mask out of cardboard that looks like an iPhone with an enlarged printout of the taco emoji at its center. Take your costume to the next level by dressing up as Steve Jobs underneath and handing out Taco Zone tacos to trick-or-treaters.

The reopened cafeteria is the most talked about food and drink destination in town right now. Why not take all the credit?
How to do it: Put that suit gathering dust in your closet to good use. Don’t forget your cuff links and tie, plus wire-rimmed glasses, if you have a pair.