There Are $58 Round-Trip Flights from L.A. Right Now, and We’re Freaking Out About It

Stop what you’re doing and book a trip to Chicago, Denver, Cincinnati, Orlando, or Atlanta

We stumbled on this sick airfare deal this morning, and because we care about you, we’re passing it along. Frontier Airlines is currently selling one-way fares starting at $29 to Denver, Chicago, Cincinnati, Orlando, and Atlanta, but you have to buy today.

If you still somehow need more convincing, here are some highly legitimate reasons to visit each of those cities:

Undecided about legalizing recreational marijuana? Conduct “very serious” election day research by trying it first hand in Denver—you know, for strictly educational purposes. in Being an informed member of the electorate isn’t easy, but someone’s gotta do it.

L.A. does many foods right, but our deep-dish pizza scene is sadly lacking. Good pizza is absolutely worth the trek, especially when you’re talking about Italian beef deep dish from Pequod’s.

Cinci is home to the undisputed king of American Oktoberfest (it’s billed simply as “America’s Oktoberfest”) has more than enough food, beer, and German cheer for its 500,000 annual visitors. Be there this September, Snapchat at the ready, to document the 9th annual Running of the Wieners, where 100 dachshunds race in hot dog costumes.

Growing up Disneyland-adjacent means that most Angelenos have never experienced Disney World. The East Coast version is truly massive, with a whopping four theme parks, two water parks, and 25 Disney-owned hotels to visit. Normally it’s hard to justify a cross-coast theme park trip, but flights like this are a rare opportunity. Seize it!

The Georgia aquarium is legendary for its sheer size alone—its tanks hold 10 million gallons of fresh and salt water. It’s also the only aquarium anywhere where guests can swim with whale sharks, the largest fish in the world that’s rarely found in captivity. Bonus: your visit to the South can double as an opportunity to try out the regional food chains we dream will one day come to L.A.

Keep in mind, this is a business, so blackout dates and travel fees apply (and booking on weekends is going to send your total into the stratosphere). But if your dates are flexible, get out of Dodge on the cheap while you can.