Five Animals Who Can’t Even With This Heat


What’s cool about winter in Southern California is that it doesn’t really exist. Maybe Old Man Winter forgot about us, or perhaps he needed a go-to vacation spot while he pummels the rest of the country with hoarfrost and black ice. We’re not complaining, but even Angelenos have beautiful weather limits; this weekend, temperatures will hover in the low 90s, which is too hot for wearing those gossamery excuses for scarfs that we all don like cold-weather Girl Scout badges.

While it’s sure to be oppressively hot for humans, it will likely be worse for our fuzzy friends (throw on a fur coat in this weather and see how you like it). Here are some pictures of local wildlife expressing their feelings on the forecast:

1. This mountain lion

“Caaaaaaan’t. CAN’T.”

2. This coyote

“Seriously, I can’t.”

3. This squirrel

“So thirsty. Can’t.”

4. This fox

“No, I absolutely cannot even.”

5. This bear

“I can, but only from in here.”

Photographs courtesy (in order): 1. Shutterstock; 2. flickr/allie_caulfield; 3:; 4. imgur/misscharl0tte; 5.