20 Bonkers Photos (and One Boomerang) of California’s Recent Lightning Storms

Thank Mother Nature and armchair storm chasers for these stunning shots

Winter in California tends to be a rainy affair, but this year’s weather systems have served up something you don’t see—or hear—every day, even in the dreariest conditions: thunder and lightning. (Here’s a true story: A good old fashioned thunder storm is apparently so rare in L.A. that once, after an ear-cracking clap of thunder, I watched a woman run out of a store and into the street with genuine concern that someone had just set off a bomb in Beverly Hills.)

Last night Mother Nature put on an especially dazzling light show, and storm chasers state-wide came out in droves to catch it on film. Here are some of their best snaps, from Santa Barbara down to the South Bay.


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