19 Photos that Capture the Beauty and Size of California’s Latest Storm

And it’s not over yet

1. The L.A. Skyline

2. An LAFD Rescue

3. The L.A. River

🌀 storm watch 2017 in affect ☔

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4. Epic Puddles


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5. Lightning over Highland Park

#lightning #LAStorm over highland park

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6. High Water

7. Flooding

8. Tahoe

On point Pier 111 📍 #pier111 #vanishingpoint #onpoint #calmbeforethestorm #waves #winter #nature #weather #snow #tahoe #laketahoe

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9. The Malibu Sky

Epic Malibu sky #larain #thebu

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10. Horses in Owens Valley

11. Mud in San Marin

12. Puddle Jumping

13. Waving Palm Trees in Niles

14. Flooding in Lincoln

15. Spillway near Saint Helena

Spillway of Conn Dam on Lake Hennessy near Saint Helena CA. #napaflood #caflood

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16. The South Yuba River

17. The Sacramento River

The Sacramento River near the tower bridge. #caflood

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18. Death Valley

19. Carpinteria State Beach