13 Other Things Angelenos Can Do in Just 5 Minutes

Putting this weekend’s 300 seconds-long lunar eclipse into perspective

Tomorrow morning, starting at the too-damn-early time of 4:58 a.m., a lunar eclipse will be visible from Los Angeles. While all eclipses are astronomical marvels, this occurrence is particularly special because it will be the shortest of the century; the entire eclipse will be over and done with in a mere five minutes.

In L.A. time, five minutes can be both short (that’s an easy drive!) and long (it shouldn’t take 1/12th of an hour to find a parking space at the grocery store). To put the upcoming eclipse’s endurance into perspective, here are 13 other things you can do in L.A. in 300 seconds:

  • Walk from the entrance to the trailhead of just about any of L.A.’s hiking trails
  • Get a cocktail at Bar Stella on a Saturday night, thanks to expeditious bartenders
  • Get soup at Koreatown’s 5 Minute Bowl
  • Hangout in a parked car, legally, in white-curbed Loading Zones. (Related fun fact: you can park at yellow- and green-curbed Loading Zones after marked hours)
  • Catch a bus on Wilshire Boulevard at 9 a.m.
  • Walk from your plane to the arrivals area at LAX. Both Jackie Brown and Ben Braddock did it in under four minutes
  • Breathe in and out while doing UCLA’s suggested breathing meditation
  • Complete a smog check in North Hollywood, apparently
  • Watch one dancer’s set at Jumbo’s Clown Room
  • Shower. No seriously, you shouldn’t be taking showers longer than this eclipse!
  • Order and get your burger at Irv’s Burgers in West Hollywood
  • Wait for a red stoplight to turn green on Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills during the five o’clock hour on a weekday. At least it feels that way.
  • Win an Academy Award. Hey, Beatrice Straight did it!