12 Lulu Hashtags To Describe The L.A. Man

The controversial app lets women characterize the men in their lives via hashtags. Here are a few more to help the ladies of L.A. describe the quintessential Mangeleno

Photograph courtesy Lulu

A newish app called Lulu is starting to generate buzz as the next big thing—for the ladies, at least.

Described as “Sex and the City marries Facebook,” Lulu is a platform where women—and only women—can anonymously review and recommend the men in their lives (friends, lovers, exes) to millions of other female users through a series of the app’s predetermined hashtags. (Some of the more choice examples include #AlwaysPays and #Big.Feet.) While Lulu’s label arsenal is certainly comprehensive, there is always room for more hashtags. We’ve got twelve that the women of L.A. might find especially useful.


The Good





The Bad





The Ugly