12 Days Till Doomsday: 9 Tips To Help You Transition From Pre to Post-Apocalypse Should the Prophecy of the Mayan Calendar Prove True


Image courtesy ZME Science

Whether you’re a Doomsday believer or think the Mayan’s calendar maker just ran out of steam, there’s no denying being prepared for a natural disaster is a smart move. Lisa Bedford of Survival Mom fame and survivalist author and blogger James Wesley Rawles share end-of-days tips and insights in this custom December 21, 2012 Preparedness Guide (some of which just might improve the quality of your life on December 22). 

Assign Responsibilities: “Men are providers and protect the family and home. Women are in charge of everything else,” says Bedford. “We appreciate it but someone needs to know how the laundry is going to get done, what’s for dinner and how to make birthdays special when the rest of the world is falling apart.”

Make Like a Squirrel: It’s best to be prepared to make meals that don’t require cooking. MREs (meal-ready-to-eat) are an obvious choice despite their reputation for being less than tasty (ahem-meal-rarely-eaten).  Rawles and Bedford both stress the importance of stockpiling non-perishable goods like rice, wheat, honey, salt and sugar. Those lengthy Costco lines will be well worth it!

Or Like It’s Halloween: “It’s amazing what familiar comfort foods can do to our spirit,” says Bedford. “Don’t be afraid to stock up on m&m’s or Hershey’s kisses. Don’t let anyone tell you that just because it’s not buckets of wheat or pinto beans that you’re a loser when it comes to survival.”

Know That 8 Glasses of Water isn’t Going to Cut It: Remember, L.A. is a naturally a desert—and you can treat water by bringing it to a boil or using hypochlorite bleach. “Think about not just treating but transporting water,” advises Rawles.  “Buy a two-wheel garden cart and water cans.”

Family Bonding=Survival: “Get kids involved in family hobbies that are also practical in nature. As a family, start camping and backpacking,” says Bedford. At the very least, you’ll be warding off diabetes.

Find Your Inner-Katniss/Rick Grimes: When it comes to post-apocalyptic society, our doomsday experts say Hollywood gets one thing right: protection is key! “There’s a learning curve” to self-defense, says Rawles. “Just owning a surfboard doesn’t make someone a surfer. You need the training.”

Befriend Thy Neighbor: “Get together with others who think like you do and form bonds of trust,” suggests Bedford. “You can learn how to cook in one day but you can’t form bonds with other people that quickly.” Adds Rawles, think “neighborhood watch on steroids.”

Find The Road Less Traveled: You think traffic is bad now? “Everyone is gonna go on the freeways and boulevards,” says Rawles, “so avoid natural lines of drift.”

Enjoy The Little Things Now
“I would miss ice,” says Bedford, musing on a future-less future. “How will I freeze anything without electricity? How will I ever have iced tea?” We don’t know. But we are looking for another expert to answer this question while we still can.

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