$1 Million in Weed Stolen from Silver Lake Dispensary in Midnight Raid

The owner of an L.A. cannabis dispensary that had as much as $1 million in weed stolen in the middle of the night says it was an inside job

Rising crime in Los Angeles reached a new low this week when a group of miscreants broke a cardinal rule of thievery—they stole someone’s weed. Lots of it.

The criminals broke into Silver Lake Caregivers Dispensary Group shortly after midnight Wednesday, making off with hundreds of pounds of marijuana in a raid lasting just 15 minutes.

“They seemed organized though, like they’ve done this before,” owner Toby Stein told KTLA.

And while thieving weed is the sort of thing most civilized people give up after 8th grade, this crew had indeed organized like adults. Security footage captured six of them in four vehicles, with several climbing the shop’s fence in the back alleyway on Fletcher Drive and using crowbars to pry open a door. Once inside, Stein told the station that the perps seemed to know exactly where to go, and footage shows them moving at what seems to be a relaxed pace despite a ringing security alarm, before transporting bulging bags from the store to a waiting vehicle.

In fact, the cameras also capture the moments when the first vehicle becomes too heavily burdened the with ill-gotten bounty, and a second vehicle arrives to load up before both cars take off into the night. The crew had also stationed two lookout vehicles in front, which followed the getaway cars to the 5 Freeway entrance.

“It’s just a reminder of the risks we take as business owners every day and a reminder to take more security precautions,” Stein said.

As for the value of all that looted pot?

“It’s pretty tough, honestly. It hasn’t really computed yet,” Stein told KTLA, but he did estimate that possibly over $1,000,000 of inventory was stolen.

Stein estimated $500,000 to ABC7, telling that outlet, “It was pretty obvious they were told where everything was at. They could’ve even been on the phone with someone directing them around it seemed.”

He seemed to still be stunned by the crooks’ efficiency, saying, “They all just kind of filed in and we just watched them unload into two cars. Like six guys just unloading into two cars full and then they drove off, didn’t even close the trunk.”

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