Video Village With Ask Chris: Justin Bieber’s Introduction To L.A. Freeways


Justin Bieber’s high speed flight from paparazzi tailing him down the 101 last Friday has been well documented, (I love the fact that it was city councilman Dennis Zine that called 911 on the teen driver) but I took the 15 minutes to listen in on the Canadian popster’s encounter with 911 (via TMZ). By the end of the call, he’s lost and scared and stuck in East L.A. Now I kinda feel sorry for the guy. His mangling of street names is amusing for a while (“Ala-vehr, Ala-vehr, Al-Avardo, Alvarado”) and it’s almost adorable when he says he’s “Justin um, Johnson” and “headed to my, uh, to, uh, my work” like some kind of baby burger flipper… but what if those cameras were guns? The way LAPD and CHP endlessly bounce him back and forth and keep him on the phone for a quarter hour is insane. The endless typing and pausing and typing would have made me hang up and take my chances with the creeps following. Bieber apologizes again and again and says, “I’m not from L.A. as you can see” before getting pulled over for the second time that day. Poor Biebs…Welcome to Los Angeles.

Photo: Georges Biard