Jimmy Kimmel May Be Joking, But We’re Not: Pray For Us. It’s Cold.

Sure, it’s colder elsewhere, but we’re freezing

He’s no Ginger Chan, but Jimmy Kimmel managed to do some weather reporting of his own on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week.  In this cold open (pun intended) Kimmel poked fun at various L.A. news outlets for reporting on Southern California’s recent “arctic” temperatures:

I’m from Chicago, where words like “glacial” and “hypothermia” regularly make their way into weather reports, so I get what Jimmy is saying here. Nevertheless, nighttime temperatures in the 30s and 40s are freakishly cold for this area, especially when the average low for January is 50 degrees.  If I’m cold—and I am—then natives certainly have every reason to complain.  Sorry, we’re not sorry.