Is there a brewery at the Brewery Art Colony near downtown?

    No, but if you visit the Brewery, you can enjoy a Craftsman beer from Pasadena or a glass of Angel City made downtown. Both are available at Barbara’s, a bar and restaurant in the center of the live-and-work artist colony, one of the largest in the world. Suds makers have been operating in the neighborhood, which lies along the Los Angeles River, since at least 1872, when the New York Brewery created an unrefrigerated lager called steam beer. Three decades later George Zobelein made Eastside, a wildly popular brand, at what is now the art complex. Pabst bought out the Zobeleins in 1948 and made Eastside and Pabst Blue Ribbon there until 1979. Shortly afterward, the first artists moved in. You can still get a can of PBR at Barbara’s. It is brewed at the Miller plant in Irwindale.
    Photograph courtesy flickr/ Ray_from_LA