SB 277

What It’s Like to Be Labeled an ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ in L.A.

An El Sereno mom behind this weekend’s “Health Freedom Rally” in Santa Monica opens up about the issue that’s costing her friends on Facebook
Brain Speed

Brain Speed: My Quest to Live a Life Well Recalled

In middle age, one woman faces the facts. Forget rejuvenating. She just wants to remember
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What’s Behind the Mysterious Illnesses and Deaths Linked to Vapes and E-Cigs?

What you need to know about Vaping-Associated Pulmonary Injury and Trump's proposed flavored e-cig ban

The Wide World of Age-Reversing Remedies

Pioneering biomedical researcher David Agus on the ones that excite most

Taking Back The Night

Gail Abarbanel has changed the way rape is viewed—and how victims are treated—in L.A. and across the nation. Her secret: demanding we do better
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An L.A. Gym Is Offering a Discount to People Who Ditch Equinox and SoulCycle

Boycotting pro-Trump businesses doesn't mean missing leg day

Dr. Kristi Funk

The founder of the Pink Lotus Breast Center made international headlines when her patient Angelina Jolie divulged that she’d had a double mastectomy

An Introvert’s Guide to Los Angeles

Social interaction optional

The Honest Company’s Organic Tampons Are Here

The buzziest event in eco-friendly feminine care—period