A Santa Monica Tech Startup Has “Hacked” Meditation

Dave Asprey's Upgrade Labs has opened the floodgates when it comes to the brain's latent creativity—or so it claims
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From Hollywood to Silicon Beach, L.A. Professionals Are Using LSD to Amp Up Their Careers

Taking small amounts of psychedelic drugs—a practice known as "microdosing"—has gone mainstream
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Where to Have a CBD Spa Day in L.A.

Because the holidays are stressful, y'all
George Takei - Live Long and Prosper

George Takei on How to Live Longer and Prosper

Nearly five decades after he broke out as Sulu, the 77-year-old actor and activist makes a case for the third act
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Modern Maturity: The Pros and Cons of Aging in L.A.

A recent USC study projected that nearly a fifth of L.A.’s population will be senior citizens by 2030
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California Is One Step Closer to Decriminalizing Mushrooms, LSD, and Ecstasy

Trippy, man. A California bill to decriminalize possession of psychedelics is headed to the Assembly after passing in the State Senate
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Will the Pandemic Turn Us All Into Teenage Girls?

As we spend more time gazing at our phones and monitoring our social feeds during the safer-at-home order, experts worry our mental health could suffer
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Venice Kundalini Yoga Leader Guru Jagat Has Passed Away at 41

The celebrity yogi and serial entrepreneur suffered a pulmonary embolism following surgery over the weekend

Faux Meat Has Gone Mass Market. But is it Actually Good For You?

Once a substitute intended only for a vegan niche, mock protein tastes better than ever. Nancy Miller finds out why
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How L.A. Is Prepping for the Rising Gray Tide

L.A.'s population is aging faster than ever, but the city is taking action to help make life easier for older people