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Opposition Is Mounting to a Local Judge’s Homeless Crisis Crusade

As the city and county appeal an unprecedented order to house Skid Row's homeless, municipalities across the West Coast issue their support

Toyota’s New I-Road is Greener Than Your Prius

Revolutionizing city driving on three wheels

CityDig: The Amusements of 1929 L.A.

There is something terribly fun about this little pen and ink map created while the country sank into the depression and Los Angeles tried to squeeze tourist money out of the depressed economy.
Angels Flight Railway

Angels Flight Railway Needs Your Help

Have fun at a downtown movie palace to help the 1901 train get back on track

Current Affair: When It Comes to the Relationship of Water and Power, It’s Complicated

Some things were destined for each other. Salt and pepper. Kool & the Gang. Water and power. But the relationship is complicated.

The L.A. Skyline Has a New Owner

A major player has just picked up four of downtown Los Angeles’ most prominent real estate properties—including Gas Company Tower—dropping $430 million in a move that is set to make them the financial district’s largest operator of commercial property

How L.A. Works: Your Commute

Millions pulse through L.A.’s lattice of roads and railways each day. The infrastructure is so intricate, we crafted a fictive model to capture how we make our way through the city

Meet Jody Litvak, “The Most Hated Woman in Beverly Hills”

The title may be self-imposed, but the MTA rep still takes the high road