google maps brooklyn heights neighborhood houses

Why Is Google Maps Using a 19th Century Name for an L.A. Neighborhood?

Suddenly, residents of Boyle Heights live in a place called "Brooklyn Heights"

What Happened to All Those Fresh & Easy Supermarkets?

From a plastic surgery clinic to a dollar store to a new Japanese market, here's what became of the defunct chain
skid row

The Citizens of Skid Row: A View from Inside the Hub of L.A.’s Unhoused Community

Since the ’70s, this four-square-mile swath of downtown has been a symbol of the city’s urban blight. But for the people who live there, it’s a neighborhood with codes and customs all its own.

CityDig: A Freeway for Bicycles? It Happened in Pasadena

Los Angeles has been imagining new ways to get around the city on two wheels. But perhaps nothing today matches the ambition behind a Pasadena millionaire’s turn-of-the-20th-century scheme: a bicycle freeway connecting the Crown City to Los Angeles.

CityDig: An Auto Road Map From When L.A. Was Traffic Free

Los Angeles was just 17 years into the era of horseless carriages when this map was produced in 1914

CityDig Goes ’80s: Take a Tasty Trip Down Memory Lane With This Map of Old L.A. Restaurants

Beef Wellington at the Windsor, drip coffee at Perino's, chili at Chasen’s—it's the most delicious type of nostalgia
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A Monorail Through the Sepulveda Pass? Metro Says It’s Still on the Table

We’re ready to quit you, 405—here's what's on the table transit-wise

Inside L.A.’s Dark Network of Deserted Underground Tunnels

Exploring the abandoned railway beneath downtown Los Angeles
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Should the City Use Eminent Domain to Keep Housing Affordable?

Chinatown tenants on the verge of being priced out of their apartment complex think so