Valerie Cherish Finally Gets Her Due

The Paley Center just announced it will be honoring Lisa Kudrow’s cult show-turned-mainstream hit The Comeback in May

Elisabeth Moss Won’t Miss Much About Peggy Olsen’s Wardrobe

"Don't get me started on loud plaids and mismatched patterns"
True Detective

True Detective: Just How Compromised Are You?

Frank Semyon is broke, Velcoro is suicidal, and Nic Pizzolatto has been reading up on his Raymond Chandler
The To-Do List

The To-Do List: November 2015’s Most Awesome Media Digestibles

Amazon's new alt-history series The Man in the High Castle tops our list

ABC’s The Taste Premieres Tonight

When I think of things the world needs more of, food television shows aren’t exactly at the top of my list. That said, I kinda like the premise of The Taste, premiering tonight on ABC.

Game of Thrones Watch: What to Expect From The First Season 5 Trailer

The first trailer for the new Game of Thrones season will drop any day now. Here’s what to expect from the pre-season’s biggest event

Chemical Reaction: Saying Goodbye To Breaking Bad, TV’s Most Addictive Crime Show

Nobody would have expected Breaking Bad to become the best crime show ever, and with just eight more episodes to go, nobody can imagine life without it.

Meet Ambiance Man, the Superhero Who Can Save a First Date

MOCAtv lets its freak flag fly with a web comedy series. Think of it as old school public access TV with a new media twist.

George Lopez for Mayor of L.A.

The comedian and host of the 39th annual Playboy Jazz Festival has a few ideas about city improvement
euphoria versus reality

How True to Life Is Euphoria’s Gritty Take on the High School Experience Really?

Experts say the creators may have overshot honesty just a touch