My LA to Z: Gail Simmons

The judge on Top Chef season 13, which premieres December 2 on Bravo, talks midnight martinis, hidden playgrounds, and where she burns off those Quickfire calories
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Guillermo del Toro’s Horror Anthology Is the Future of Netflix

The streaming giant is giving horror fans something to get excited about
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Dogecoin Investors Hope Cryptomaniac Elon Musk Will Make Them Rich on ‘SNL’

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Peter Mehlman Sounds Off on His New Novel, Writing for Seinfeld, and the N.Y./L.A. Culture War

The writer’s first novel, It Won’t Always Be This Great, is out today

‘Mad Men’ Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: Politics Gets Personal, Or History Repeats Itself

RECAP: "We just keep saying yes," Don warns darkly in one of the final scenes of "The Collaborators," "because we didn't say no to begin with."

Doom and Board: Four Ghost Stories from L.A.’s Most Famous Haunted Hotels

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‘Breaking Bad’: The Ozymandias Trailer That’s Driving Everyone Crazy & Making Them Swoon

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Game of Thrones Taught Us Not to Trust It a Long Time Ago

The golden age of television would have been a little less shiny if it weren’t for eight murderous, manipulative seasons of the HBO drama
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Fresh Off a Hit Comedy Special About Depression, Gary Gulman Continues to Prove Laughter Is the Best Medicine

The Judd Apatow-approved funnyman stops by Largo for a three-night stand