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Bryan Singer abuse allegations red sonja bohemian rhapsody

Will the Industry Continue to Embrace Director Bryan Singer?

In the wake of an Atlantic exposé, he's still set to make big bucks on his next big project
Walt Disney

See the Strangest Items in Bonham’s Big Movie Auction

A sketch of a rat by Walt Disney and these crazy Stay-Puft marshmallow hands will go to the highest bidder

Ang Lee

From flat broke to Brokeback Mountain, the Oscar-winning, New York-based Life of Pi director finds a strange magic—and great Chinese food—whenever he’s in town

Jeff Probst

The Emmy-winning reality-TV host, who debuted his daytime talk show this week, on how to survive the L.A. jungle

Qatar Airways Throws a Gala Celebrating the Airline’s Route Launch to L.A.

Mariah Carey pulls double duty, singing at the airline event and a UNICEF ball on the same night

Your Golden Globes Party Crawl Timeline

Everything you didn't see after the awards were handed out