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Why An Art-House Movie Theaters Void Has Opened in L.A.

Two years after the big reopening of cinema doors, independent film venues are disappearing or not coming back. But a new wave of grassroots programs gives some hope

The (Slap-Free) Oscars: Breaking Down Why “Everything” Won Everywhere

A24’s multiverse movie from the dynamic duo of Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert proved to be an unlikely awards juggernaut

2023 Oscars Inclusion List Reveals Academy’s Dreadful Level of Representation

LAMag spoke to both the physicists and advocates trying to cast some light on the Oscars’ ongoing diversity problem

Film Fatales Founder’s Magical Thinking Flips Hollywood’s Script

Leah Meyerhoff sat with LAMag ahead of this year’s already bleak-for-women Oscars ceremony to discuss filmmaking unicorns and outsiders crashing into her pathological optimism

“The Last of Us” Makes Video Game Adaptations Hot, and Queer

The groundbreaking series and other game-inspired shows are leaning into LGBTQ storylines and characters

Is Environmental Activism in the Hands of Experimental Musicians?

LAMag spoke to artists recording everything from the sounds of glaciers to the sounds of houseplants to rouse interest in the natural world

As The Oscars Reach a Crossroads, Here’s Who Should Win (But Probably Won’t)

While the Academy battles to restore its awards relevance, our critic parses a slate of nominees both worthy and woebegone

Netflix’s ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ is a Short Film with Big Impact… and an Oscar Nom

Elephants are next to godliness.This is an argument made abundantly clear in the Academy Award-nominated Netflix short documentary The Elephant Whisperers. We see this in the film’s lush use...
Creed 3

“Creed III” Review: Michael B. Jordan Directorial Debut Isn’t Quite a Knockout

With Jonathan Majors, the franchise gets its best villain since Ivan Drago