Curtain Call: Director Bill Condon Tackles His First Musical—On Stage

"I learned it’s just as hard to get a musical on stage as it is a movie in a theater."

Curtain Call: Bojana Novakovic Goes on a New Blind Date Every Week And We Get to Watch

"I can have fun being tortured and torturing another."

Curtain Call: Rita Wilson’s Journey from Ticket Taker to Headliner

Rita Wilson: “We’ve known Patti Scialfa and Bruce Springsteen since before Philadelphia.”

Curtain Call: An Invisible Opera in the Very Visible Union Station

Yuval Sharon on Invisible Cities: "My first thought was, ''This can’t work.'"

Curtain Call: Broadway Star Audra McDonald Returns to LA Opera for One Night

“I’ve always wanted to play Sally Bowles in Cabaret.”

Curtain Call: Alison Pill Shuts Off the Lights in “Wait Until Dark”

“It’s inevitable that you will get hurt. I’m covered in bruises. That’s just the state of affairs.”

Curtain Call: Robert Wilson Brings Einstein Back To The Beach

“I have seen in the last 30 years a tremendous change happening in Los Angeles.”

Curtain Call: Lorenzo Pisoni Grows Up in the Circus and Reveals His “Humor Abuse”

“I’m not a clown. I’m portraying one in the play, but I don’t really consider myself a clown.”

Curtain Call: Playwright Terrence McNally Talks about Taking Risks, L.A. Theater, and the State of Broadway

The artist Michaelangelo said, “The greatest risk to man is not that he aims too high and misses, but that he aims too low and hits.” That's never been a problem for Terrence McNally (Master Class, Ragtime); taking risks has been his primary motivation throughout a more than four-decade career.

Curtain Call: Grant Gershon Launches Los Angeles Master Chorale’s 50th Season

"If I conduct the 'Torreador Song' during Tallis, we’ve got problems."