Curtain Call: What Marvin Hamlisch Did for Love

"Marvin would be in traffic and a car would screech. He would hear the exact note."

Curtain Call: Ben Vereen has Some New Magic in Aladdin—and a Winter Wish

“I’m not a rapper. But here I am rapping. The rappers’ jobs are secure.”

Curtain Call: John Stefaniuk is the Mane Man at the Lion King

“We have nine productions around the world. They are each The Lion King, but each has a voice and a feeling that is unique.”

Curtain Call: It’s 34 Years (and Counting) as Scrooge for Hal Landon, Jr.

"I haven’t actually seen another version of the show for quite a long time. I’m not dying to see anybody else do it right now."

Curtain Call: James Lapine Combs Through Hundreds of Sondheim Songs

But it was all worth it to find the right six tunes for his documentary, Six By Sondheim

Curtain Call: Director Sheldon Epps Rethinks “Twelve Angry Men”

The jury is out on his provocative casting choices for the production now showing at the Pasadena Playhouse

Curtain Call: Evaluating the Bourne Identity After 25 Years

Director and choreographer Matthew Bourne takes a stab at "Sleeping Beauty."

Curtain Call: James Conlon Conducts Benjamin Britten All Over Town

“If I could live nine lives like a cat, I don’t think I would ever have done all the things I like to do enough times.”

Curtain Call: Director Bill Condon Tackles His First Musical—On Stage

"I learned it’s just as hard to get a musical on stage as it is a movie in a theater."

Curtain Call: Bojana Novakovic Goes on a New Blind Date Every Week And We Get to Watch

"I can have fun being tortured and torturing another."