The Kawaller Report: Partying at Playboy’s Lingerie Soirée

It turns out, the magazine men bought "for the articles” now sells underwear. So LAMag checked out the WeHo launch party for its new lingerie line and interrogated the guests

The Kawaller Report: Welcome to Tha Dogg House

Snoop Dogg is expanding his empire with a partnership with the pop-culture brand Funko. We checked out the vibes.

The Kawaller Report: College Football Playoff Party Edition

Local sports ignoramus Ben Kawaller was invited to cover a college football event thrown by ESPN. Here’s how that went…

The Kawaller Report: Chippendales Edition

We sent our resident objectifier of men to cover a titillating promotional event at Rocco's in West Hollywood

The Kawaller Report: West Hollywood Kids Fair

At the annual event, Ben Kawaller had a number of discouraging interactions with the youth of today

The Kawaller Report: CatCon 2022

This year’s CatCon at the Pasadena Convention Center drew hundreds of cat lovers…and our reporter

The Kawaller Report: Bollywood Bridgerton Edition

Intercultural savant Ben Kawaller spoke to some Indian people having a night out at a themed dance party
mr leather

Video: Step Inside the Burly World of the Eagle’s 2020 Mr. Leather Contest

This video NSFW for people in workplaces that are not butt-cheek friendly

Video: Talking Politics (Sort Of) Outside the Democratic Debate in L.A.

We even sang some climate change Christmas carols with Bernie supporters