Family Sues Meta Over Daughter’s Anorexia and Self-harm

Lawyers for Alexis Spence claim her "addictive" use of Instagram caused her to suffer from an eating disorder and thoughts of suicide

As Elon Musk and Twitter Battle Over Bots, Some Say Musk Wants Out

Meanwhile, the uncertainty of the Musk-Twitter deal being on hold has sent stocks sledding as an analyst says it's 50-50 a deal will happen

Top Apple AI Guy Quits Over Back-to-Office Mandate

The switch from full-time Work From Home to three days back in the hive was too much for one artificial intelligence exec

Elon Musk Corrects Trump Tech Stooge Devin Nunes’ Twitter Tall Tale

Musk set the record straight after the CA Rep. turned Trump techno chief claimed they had something to do with his Twitter takeover scheme

Elon Musk and Tesla May Have 83 MPH Backlash Headed Their Way

A SoCal man claims his Tesla malfunctioned on the freeway and left him going 83 mph with no ability to use his hazards or turn signals

Lawsuit Alleges Tesla Segregated Black Workers Into Area Referred to As ‘The Plantation’

California’s civil rights agency accusing Elon Musk's company of racial discrimination, including work environment where Black staffers were subjected to N-Word and other slurs

Are You Ready for Facebook for Nice People?

An ambitious new app named Tapp hopes to be a tranquil refuge to the social media swamp. Kate Hudson and Jen Meyer are reportedly among a small group of its early adopters. We’ll Tapp that.
delivery bots

Will Semiautonomous Robots Soon Replace the Delivery Dude?

Wheeled bots with cute names like Coco and Lola are being dispatched to tote to-go orders—but what does it mean for their human counterparts?
new fitness tracker devices

A New Wave of Gadgets Gives Us Fresh Ways to Spy on Ourselves

Move over Fitbit. These new devices go beyond counting steps to track everything from fat to fear to fertility
beverly hills police

Activists Say Beverly Hills Cops Are Playing Music to Keep Themselves Off Instagram

The department tells Vice that one particularly incident featuring Sublime's hit "Santeria" is "currently under review"