Creed 3

“Creed III” Review: Michael B. Jordan Directorial Debut Isn’t Quite a Knockout

With Jonathan Majors, the franchise gets its best villain since Ivan Drago
Cocaine Bear

“Cocaine Bear” Review: Gory Action Comedy Doesn’t Blow

This B-movie party favor from director Elizabeth Banks is worth lining up for

Australian-Style Cafe Great White Lands In West Hollywood

There’s no reason that art only hangs on walls. Check out Great Whites’ art on pizza boxes, menus, even ball caps
M3GAN movie

Review: Killer Android Movie “M3GAN” Is a Creepy, Funny, Crazy Hit

Allison Williams stars as the film’s human lead—but make no mistake, the four-foot-tall psycho is the star of the show.
Halloween Ends

Review: “Halloween Ends,” Thank God

The final film of this trilogy is a complete bastardization of the horror franchise that began 44 years ago
House Party

“House Party” Review: A Fun Remake But RSVP ‘Maybe’

The update to the 90s comedy and debut feature of music video director Calmatic runs out of gas in its second half
The Fabelmans

Spielberg’s Coming-of-Age ‘The Fabelmans’ Is an Ode to Movies—and His Mom

Michelle Williams shines, but keep an eye on rising star Gabriel LaBelle as young Sammy Fabelman, not to mention Judd Hirsch
Emily the Criminal

Review: Aubrey Plaza Is Excellent in Sundance Standout “Emily the Criminal”

Plaza's gritty, against-type performance is even better than her acclaimed turn in "Ingrid Goes West"

“Black Adam” Review: Dwayne Johnson’s Savage Antihero Can’t Save DC’s Latest

This blockbuster is not a total disaster, but Marvel won’t lose any sleep over the rival studio action bonanza