beverly hills musical

And Now, a Cursed Musical Theater Number from Beverly Hills’ New Mayor

Shit got campy at a recent city council meeting
kamala harris 2020 campaign

After a Stop at the Abbey, Kamala Harris Promises an LGBTQ Advocate in the White House

The candidate swung by WeHo in advance of tonight's LGBTQ town hall
louise linton steve mnuchin

Louise Linton, aka Mrs. Steven Mnuchin, Is Sorry

America’s most controversial cabinet wife sounds off on the perils of D.C., her feelings about the Trumps, and her starring role as a sociopathic bisexual serial killer
devin nunes yachts prostitutes cocaine

Devin Nunes Had Nothing to Do With Yachts, Cocaine, or Prostitutes

The Central Valley congressman's suing spree continues unabated

Right-Wing Youth Group Launches a Pop-Culture Show ‘Without the Leftist Propaganda’

POPlitics is Turning Point USA’s answer to shows like Extra, and it’s definitely extra
fox news twitter

Rupert Murdoch’s Family Members—Including Wife Jerry Hall—Are Donating to Dems

More than one member of the Murdoch clan has sent checks Joe Biden's way

Eric Garcetti Asks CBS to Move the “Late Show” West

Earlier this year, we bid adieu to Jimmy Fallon, who took The Tonight Show to New York City. With the news of David Letterman’s retirement, the Mayor is hoping to bring some nighttime laughs to L.A.
los angeles last call 2 a.m. 4 a.m.

City Council Votes to Oppose 4 a.m. Last Call at Bars in L.A.

But some Angelenos are still fighting for their right to party