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A Month Inside the COVID-19 War Room with Mayor Eric Garcetti

Often criticized as risk averse, L.A.'s mayor might have just saved the city from the pandemic—but now he must forestall a looming financial disaster.

20 Years After: The Politician

Mark Ridley-Thomas was changed forever by the riots

Eric Garcetti

There’s this cliché: You see the face of the world in L.A. Having grown up here, though, I see the face of L.A. in the world. Being from L.A....

“Success Isn’t Getting Out of the Hood”

California State Assembly candidate Prophet Walker sees his district—which includes Compton and Watts—differently

The ACLU Made $24 Million Last Weekend, Which Is Six Times More Than They Make in a Year

Celebrities, companies, and citizens protested President Trump’s travel ban by giving to the advocacy group

Why a Wall on California’s Mexican Border Will Not Work

The president's big plan to wall off the U.S. has some holes, so to speak

Could This Bill Be a First Step Toward Taking the Police Out of Policing?

As protesters seek to defund and abolish the police, California's CRISES Act would set up community alternatives for vulnerable populations

The L.A. I’m Yours Fantasy Ballot of 2014

Five local issues that aren’t—but should be—up for vote
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How a Fair Workweek Could Change the Lives of L.A.’s Retail Workers

A Target employee says erratic hours, unpredictable paychecks, and tenuous healthcare coverage make getting by in L.A. a pain

CitySpeak: Toll Lane Transponder

Defining this week’s media buzz-word or phrase