Political Digs: Eric Garcetti is Renting Out His Silver Lake Home for $8,500 a Month

As of Monday, the mayoral mansion has been listed on The MLS

This Jeff Bornstein is Not Running For Office. He’d Like to Share His Political Opinions Anyway

Jeff Bornstein is running for city controller. Jeff Bornstein is also a comedian with a psychic wife.

The Freshman Six: Meet First Time City Councilman Felipe Fuentes

Now that our newly elected city councilmen have had a chance to settle into their new routines, we asked them to reflect upon their first days in office. Here, District Seven’s Felipe Fuentes talks coffee breaks, office attire, and brown bag lunches
donald trump forrest fires forest fires

Donald Trump Is Back on California’s Case About “Forrest” Fires

Despite an ornery tweet, Californians can still apply for FEMA funds

Mayoral Race: #Humblebragging Rights

A recent sampling of how Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti are pulling off the two-handed trick of shaking hands while patting themselves on the back in 140 characters or less

Win, Lose, or Draw: “See Political” Cartoons California Politics

An animated Web series aims to make state policies easier to understand, and maybe even fun

One More Reason to Move to WeHo: It’s Jaywalker-Friendly

The city’s sheriff’s department has found something of a loophole in the California Vehicle Code

There’s Already an “Oprah for President” Billboard Up in DTLA

Oprah 2020? Kanye 2020 guy is at it again
papadopoulos twitter war

Former Trump ‘Coffee Boy’ George Papadopoulos to Run for Katie Hill’s Seat

After famously spending a dozen days in prison for lying to the FBI, Papadopoulos is eyeballing California’s 25th district
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Tim Heidecker Released a Batch of New Songs About Trump’s Idiotic America

The comedian's parody songs will make you laugh until you cry and want to die