Child Support: Garcetti Says L.A. Will Help Shelter Detained Immigrant Minors

What will happen to the young victims of the immigration crisis? Some may become Angelenos
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L.A. Should Brace for Trump-Related Traffic Today

The president will be making his way around the city today
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Beto O’Rourke Can’t Quite Seem to Recapture His Early Viral Success

The former Texas congressman talked gun control and healthcare at a stop in L.A. on Saturday

What Happens Next for the Children Garcetti Vowed to Help

The CCF has funds—and a vision—in place

The Insane Law that Forces L.A. Bars to Close at 2 a.m. Is Being Challenged

Is it last call for California’s archaic last call law?

ICYMI: Here’s the Complete Text of the Mayor’s State of the City Speech

It focuses on homelessness, immigration, and is–to absolutely no one’s surprise–critical of Washington
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Lawmaker Says There’s “Problematic” Info in Trump Trade Nominee Darrell Issa’s FBI File

The former SoCal lawmaker and businessman's confirmation hearing has been postponed

Jeff Sessions Spoke in Sacramento and State Leaders Have a Lot to Say About It

Gov. Brown describes the DOJ’s "sanctuary states" lawsuit as a "war against the state of California"
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Katie Porter Just Made the CDC Chief Promise Free Coronavirus Tests for All Americans

"I think you’re an excellent questioner, so my answer is yes"
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A Woman Was Caught on Camera Shouting “Build the Wall” at Striking Teachers

LAUSD "removed" an employee from a local school after Twitter went wild