jaden smith vegan meals charity

Jaden Smith Is Basically Doing More Good for America than Congress Is at This Point

From installing water filters in Flint to feeding L.A.'s homeless, the musician-entrepreneur-philanthropist is really trying
donald trump fourth of july

This Fourth of July, Lots of Americans Want Independence from Donald Trump

#BoycottTrump4thOfJuly is trending in response to the president's tank display in Washington, D.C.

California Just Became the First State to Ban Discrimination Against Natural Hair

Two L.A. women share their thoughts on what passage of the CROWN Act will change for black women and women of color
donald trump homelessness

Donald Trump Doesn’t Seem to Understand L.A. or Its Homelessness Crisis

The president took to Fox News to talk about the "filth" plaguing Los Angeles
kamala harris 2020 campaign

Fresh Off Her Debate Dominance, It Looks Like Kamala Is Making a Comeback

Her campaign appeared at risk of going off track–but now it seems she’s roaring back
democratic debate candidates 2020

The Sharpest Lines from Last Night’s Democratic Debate

From Kamala’s ’food fight’ zinger to Mayor Pete calling out GOP hypocrisy
loudest voice showtime fox news

Can a Pair of Hollywood Takes on Roger Ailes Help Fox News Loyalists See the Light?

The Murdochs might prefer to sweep “The Loudest Voice” and “Fair and Balanced” under the carpet
military family deportation parole in place

The Trump Administration Wants to End Deportation Protections For Military Families

George W. Bush launched the program, designed to keep active duty soldiers focused on their mission, not the deportation of their loved ones
census citizenship question supreme court

SCOTUS Blocks the Census Citizenship Question–For Now

Justices balked at the "contrived reasons" offered for asking about citizenship status