LA Mayor

Your Guide to Power in L.A.

Who has more mojo—the mayor or the city council? It’s hard to vote when you don’t know a controller from a commissioner. A primer on local politics

Jeff Sessions Spoke in Sacramento and State Leaders Have a Lot to Say About It

Gov. Brown describes the DOJ’s "sanctuary states" lawsuit as a "war against the state of California"

Never Stop Fighting

The FBI has known about him since his days as a cage-rattling Chicano activist in 1960s L.A. A onetime fugitive and sometime company man, Carlos Montes has kept on confronting the system the only way he knows how. Now the system is closing in
jenny holzer vote bus

Jenny Holzer Wants You to Vote for Your Life

The icon artist unveils a mobile billboard in Little Tokyo

Garcetti, Labor Secretary in S.F. to Break Port Impasse

Can the mayor do what federal mediators couldn't?

Los Angeles Reacts to the Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Anegelenos gathered outside of Figaro Bistro for a vigil
Raise the Wage LA

This Is What 100,000 Signatures Looks Like

In a spectacular display, signed petitions to raise the minimum wage were presented to city officials in wheelbarrels, mop buckets, and shopping carts