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Kamala Harris Wants to Stop ICE Detention—and This L.A. Org Has Her Back

The DONE Act would prohibit construction of new ICE detention centers and help implement community-based alternatives to detention
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Kamala Harris Is Eyeing Iowa to Reverse Her Summer Slump—but Can That Save Her Campaign?

It may take more than a change of venue to pull the California senator out of fourth place and into contention

The Insane Law that Forces L.A. Bars to Close at 2 a.m. Is Being Challenged

Is it last call for California’s archaic last call law?
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The Time I Wore a MAGA Hat to Lunch at Café Gratitude

Joel Stein crashes a crunchy liberal enclave in the most iconic and controversial piece of Trump merch

Last-Minute Things You Can Still Do Before the Polls Close

For America, for democracy, for your own mental health…

Do Your Shoulders Hurt? Because California is Carrying the American Economy Right Now

State economy is larger than ever, rivals United Kingdom's in size

Trump’s War on Twitter Critics Is Far From Over

Despite Monday’s court ruling, some people say they're still #BlockedByTrump
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At Mueller Hearing, Adam Schiff Attacks Trump’s “Lies” and “Disloyalty to Country”

The congressman says, "Worse than all the lies and the greed, is the disloyalty to country"

Meeting of the Mayors: Eric Garcetti’s Breakfast Club

The L.A. leader invited 15 cohorts out for a bite to eat in Washington D.C.
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How Millennial Congress Member Katie Hill Is Changing the Game

Part of a next gen of legislators, the California rep is taking transparency to new levels