Gov. Newsom to Release $1B in Previously Withheld Homeless Funds

After scolding officials across the state earlier this month until they came up with a plan, Gavin Newsom means business

California Elects Robert Garcia, the First Gay Immigrant in Congress

Garcia, a Democrat who served eight years as Long Beach mayor, won 71 percent of the vote against John Briscoe

Eric Garcetti’s Exit Interview

In his last major interview from City Hall, Eric Garcetti gets candid on crime, race, the City Hall scandal and the highs and lows of his nine years as mayor

SCOTUS to Rule on CA Pig Law that Could Send Pork Prices Skyrocketing

The law, Proposition 12, says that pork being sold needs to come from pigs whose mothers were raised in at least 24 square feet of space

California Creeps Closer to Forbidding Sale of New Gas-Powered Cars

Gov. Newsom says eliminating even the option of gasoline engine vehicles by 2035 is one of the “bold steps necessary” for his future vision

California Will Allow Cryptocurrency Donations To Political Campaigns

On Thursday, California lawmakers changed regulations that prohibited candidates at the local and state level from accepting cryptocurrency

Caught on Tape: Beverly Hills Jan. 6 Rioter Regrets Plea Deal

Gina Bisignano apologized for joining the Capitol attack, but told MAGA pals she's sorry for “getting in trouble," not so much the rest of it

Trump Hater Snoop Dogg Endorses ‘Sleepy Joe OG’ Cannabis Bags

The man who made “indo" a household word thought these weed pouches were hysterical enough to share with millions of his fellow stoners

Lil Rel Howery Calls Supreme Court Sociopaths Over Roe Reversal

”The frightening part is you have people in place at the Supreme Court who just want to bring up old, really terrible laws,” the actor-comic said.

How the Roe Reversal Is Impacting A Menstrual Wellness Startup

Actor and CEO Ashley Greene exclusively told LAMag that she can’t help but think about how the Roe reversal may impact her pregnancy—and potentially her company.