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As the Pandemic Turned Life in L.A. Upside Down, Local Nonprofits Had to Pivot on the Fly

Three local charities explain how they adjusted their missions to help vulnerable communities weather COVID-19—and why it will be key to California’s recovery

When Disaster Struck in Texas, These Two Angelenos Rented a Truck and Hit the Road to Help

As Chris Petroff and Regina Carpinelli made their way from L.A. to Austin last week, their mission to deliver essential supplies turned into something bigger than they'd planned
Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Win a Chance to Attend the Premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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You Have Two Days to Win Tickets to the First Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Egged on by Governor Jeb Bush’s unauthorized contest, Stephen Colbert throws his own raffle and ups the ante—dinner with his lead production accountant Jason Block
Vika Azarenka

Pro Tennis Players Raised Their Racquets For a Cause in Malibu

Vika Azarenka and scads of other players volleyed for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Public Service Announcement: Meet L.A. Food Bank Volunteer Mary Connors

Mary Connors has been sorting and repacking donated food items to help others since 2009

20 Years After: The Community Organizer

Aurea Montes-Rodriguez was changed forever by the riots

Jeff Bezos Will Give Most of His Fortune to Charity… He Promises

The Amazon founder is the latest billionaire to pledge away his money, and follows in the footsteps of ex-wife Mackenzie Scott