The First Public Fruit Park in California Opens

The Del Aire Fruit Park is a new urban orchard that will be sustained, nurtured, and harvested by the public. Votes will decide whether KCET will turn a recent article about it into a short video documentary.

The Many Mysteries of Elysian Park

Griffith has the name recognition and Angeles Crest the lore, but no landmass holds as many secrets as Elysian Park

L.A.’s Endangered Parks Are Saved—For Now

Local park lovers (isn’t that everyone?) have reason to cheer: As of Thursday, the Department of Parks and Recreation had struck agreements with non-profits, private donors, and for-profit foundations...

Parks and Wreck: Can Our State and Local Parks Be Saved?

California’s history is rooted in its parks: 400-year-old sandstone cave paintings are in Chumash Painted Cave State Historic Park; Sutter’s Mill, where gold was discovered in 1848, is in...