The Lung and the Restless

An expert explains why L.A.’s air quality shouldn’t spoil your workout

A New Breed

The Trek Soho Deluxe isn’t your average two-wheeler

What Pasadena’s First CicLAvia Looked Like

One-, two-, and three-wheelers filled some of city's main streets

Pack Mentality

Every morning of the week, in every part of the city, organized groups of road cyclists roll out in brightly colored convoys. From the Filipino-flavored Adobo Velo to the gay-friendly Different Spokes, there’s a club for all styles and skill levels

Gear Shift

Underfoot, on a wrist, or beneath a weary hamstring, sometimes a nifty gadget lends support

To Live and Ride in L.A.

Dan Dabek, executive director of the Los Angeles bicycle education group C.I.C.L.E. (Cyclists Inciting Change thru Live Exchange), offers some advice for safe biking in the city

Wheels of Fortune

Biking to work fattens your wallet and slims you down. It’s also easier than you think