Anne Heche in hospital with severe burns after car accident

Anne Heche Dead at 53 From Injuries Related to Car Crash

While the actress is legally brain-dead, her heart is still beating and she has not been taken off brain support as doctors search for a match for her organs
kobe bryant memorial

“Digital Lives Forever”: Gruesome Photos of Kobe Bryant Crash At Center of Trial

The plaintiffs—including Vanessa Bryant—are suing Los Angeles County for the photos allegedly taken of the crash by first responders

Salman Rushdie on Ventilator After Brutal Stabbing Attack as Police Name Suspect

The Indian-born novelist most famous for his 1981 masterpiece "Midnight’s Children," was stabbed during a literary event in Chautauqua

Fox Plays Photoshop Games Amid News of Trump’s Possible Espionage Act Violation

The doctored picture of Judge Reinhart was on the top-rated show as news broke that former President Trump may have stolen material related to nukes

The Cobrasnake Shots From the Hip

A photo retrospective by the founder of the Cobrasnake recalls the wild and wondrous L.A. club scene of the aughts

A View From the Top!

L.A.’s billboards aren’t getting any smaller—they just seem that way. Revisiting the golden age of in your face
Anne Heche Critical Condition After Crashing Car House

Anne Heche is ‘Not Expected to Survive’ Due to Brain Injury

Heche has been in a coma for nearly a week following her car crash in Mar Vista. Now her friends and family are preparing for the worst

Joker Flies ‘Ha-Ha-Ha’ Banner Over Mar-a-Lago After FBI Raid

A member of the DNC spent good money to go airborne just to share with the world his delight at Donald Trump's latest legal troubles

‘Batgirl’ Killer Warner Bros. Ponders: What About Ezra Miller and Flash?

Warner boss David Zaslav said he totally believes in the Ezra Miller flick, but WB is reportedly considering other outcomes just in case

Alex Jones’ Courtroom Note to Sandy Hook Mom: ‘I’m Sorry’

“I saw a very lonely person,” said Sandy Hook parent Scarlett Lewis, who was on the receiving end of Jones’ written apologia