sierra national forest

Authorities Release an Update on Hiking Family Found Dead Near Yosemite

Police are chipping away at the mystery of what led to the demise of a California family and their dog

Opinion: California, Just Say No…to Becoming Florida

A political veteran worries the recall election could open the door to DeSantis-style leadership—and a never-ending COVID nightmare
opioid crisis big pharma el chapo

Staying Clean Could Soon Pay Off for Some California Addicts—Literally

The State Assembly is looking to enact a so-called "contingency management" program that would pay problem addicts to get sober
recall candidates

Meet Some of the Most Colorful Candidates on the Recall Election Ballot

With the recall election just weeks away, we compiled a list of the gubernatorial hopefuls who stood out the most on a lengthy ballot
gavin newsom

The Recall Poses a Real Threat to Governor Gavin Newsom, and No One Can Pretend Otherwise

The California recall election is coming up fast, and the biggest threat to the governor’s future isn’t another candidate—it’s voter apathy
Sierra National Forest

Nobody Knows What Happened to Family and Dog Found Dead on Hike Near Yosemite

Initial autopsies on the couple and their year-old daughter revealed no cause of death, but police are investigating a potentially deadly algae among other possibilities
larry elder recall

Larry Elder Says He “Never Brandished a Gun” at His Ex-fiancée While High

The Republican recall frontrunner denies an allegation from his ex that he flashed a piece at her while he was stoned in 2015
karen bass

Has the Door Just Swung Wide Open for Karen Bass to Be Mayor of Los Angeles?

Will she or won't she run? That's still not clear, but it seems a lot of people want the congresswoman to run in the 2022 election
billboard lawyers

Meet the Lawyers Behind Those Ambulance-Chasing Billboards Across L.A.

From Jacob Emrani to Uncle Ardy, L.A. is awash in increasingly bizarre billboards touting personal injury attorneys. But for all the hype, they may actually serve a higher civic purpose
gavin newsom

Two California Voters File Suit, Claiming the Recall Election Is Unconstitutional

The plaintiffs in the case either want the election called off or the rules changed