panda express alive seminars lawsuit

A Former Panda Express Worker Alleges She Was Subjected to ‘Cult-Like’ Rituals and Sexual Humiliation

The ex-employee claims advancement at the company is predicated on “self-improvement” seminars that she describes as “psychological abuse”
vaccine allocation flu shot covid vaccine blue shield

A New Website Lets People Join a Waiting List for Leftover Vaccine Doses

No California vaccine sites are currently participating, but upward of 750,000 people have signed up to be on standby
plastic trash single-use plastic

Single-Use Plastic Is a Big Pandemic Problem. Environmentalists and Local Leaders Have a Plan

Takeout accoutrements are piling up in our homes, landfills, and on our coasts, but the #SkiptheStuff campaign is pushing for legislation to curb it
johnson and johnson vaccine

Why Stigmatizing the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Is a Bad Idea

The newest COVID-19 vaccine option will likely be just as valuable for ending the pandemic as the two-shot alternatives
covid marathon

A Year Ago Today, L.A. Began Its Battle Against a Strange, New Threat Called the Coronavirus

On March 4, 2020, Mayor Garcetti declared a local emergency in response to a virus that still seemed like a remote menace. Here's what unfolded over a few crucial days
homeless count 2019

It’s Unclear When the Unhoused Will Be Up for Vaccination

One of the region's most vulnerable populations isn't being prioritized locally or at the state level
anti-asian hate crimes

Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Spiked in L.A. Last Year

Anti-Chinese pandemic rhetoric is believed to have helped fuel a frightening trend in big cities across the country

Petition Calls for L.A. to Allow Indoor Museums to Reopen

Some say it's unfair to allow malls and commercial art galleries to operate indoors while public museums remain shuttered
cannabis legislation california

A New Bill Would Stop Most California Employers from Testing Applicants for Cannabis

California could make drug testing for pot a thing of the past—for the most part
West hollywood parking ticket street sweeping

L.A. Set to Cut Street Sweeping in Half: Here’s How to Know When You Need to Move Your Car

The city is launching an online system to alert residents which weeks they will still be subject to ticketing, and when they can relax