gascon sexual harassment george gascon district attorneys office

The DA’s Office Is No Longer Sending Representatives to Parole Hearings. A Rape Case Has People Questioning the Policy

Of the sweeping changes George GascĂłn has made since taking office, this one might set off the biggest firestorm yet
adam schiff acquittal senate

Will L.A. Congressman Adam Schiff Be California’s Next Attorney General?

It's up to Governor Gavin Newsom who'll replace Xavier Becerra, but sources say Schiff has been lobbying for the gig
los angeles fraud

Fundraising Is Underway for the 2022 Local Races. Here’s Who’s In the Lead

Money isn't everything, but early totals give us a glimpse of races to watch, from mayor to city council
gavin newsom

As Gov. Newsom’s Approval Rating Craters, Would-Be Candidates Line Up to Replace Him

As a recall effort rolls on, here are the people who've inserted themselves into the conversation
dodger stadium covid vaccine

Dodger Stadium Will Now Have a Protest Zone So Anti-Vaxxers Can’t Disrupt Traffic

The move comes after sign-wielding conspiracy theorists shut down the vaccination site for nearly an hour over the weekend
mayor eric garcetti coronavirus los angeles reopen

Eric Garcetti Said He Wouldn’t Get Vaccinated Before His Age Group Came Up–Until He Did

In December statement, the mayor said would not be “jumping any queue,” but a month later he’s taking heat for accepting a dose
garment worker

For Garment Workers, Making Any Minimum Wage Has Been a Struggle. A California Senate Bill Aims to Change That

State Senator Maria Elena Durazo is pushing to end unfair payment practices in clothing manufacturing
jimmy gomez

Why Rep. Jimmy Gomez Wants to Oust QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene

The L.A. congressman's effort isn't likely to succeed, but Gomez says he considers the freshman rep from Georgia "a every member of congress"
anti mask protest mask enforcement

Mask-Wearing Is Mandatory in L.A., but Anti-Maskers Are Continuing to Storm Essential Businesses

As City Council pushes for stronger enforcement, local law enforcement says it has preferred an 'education' approach