stealthing bill

California Is Set to Become the First State to Outlaw ‘Stealthing’

A bill lawmakers sent to Gov. Newsom's desk will make California the first in the nation to outlaw nonconsensual condom removal

Mu Who? What You Need to Know About the Latest ‘Variant of Interest’

Dr. Anthony Fauci says officials are paying close attention to the Mu variant, but “don’t consider it an immediate threat right now"
Eli Vera

Alex Villanueva Demoted a Chief Who’s Challenging Him in the Race for Sheriff

Following a sudden demotion to commander, 30-year department vet Eli Vera says he believes Sheriff Villanueva is retaliating against him for political reasons
gavin newsom

There’s Only a Week Until the Election. Here’s What’s Happening in Recall World

GOP strongholds waver as the guys behind the recall grow weary of Larry Elder's "extreme" rhetoric
afghanistan los angeles

‘Awareness Is the Key’: L.A.’s Afghan Community Takes Stock of the U.S. Withdrawal

With the U.S. military out of Afghanistan and the Taliban in charge, Afghans living in Southern California are hoping Americans will finally educate themselves about a fraught situation
karen bass

Karen Bass’s Mayoral Momentum Is Building

There are more indicators that the highly regarded Congresswoman could blow up the 2022 Los Angeles mayor’s race
larry elder

Opinion: The California Recall Just Got a Lot Scarier

Larry Elder, the leading Republican recall candidate, is reported to have made some big promises to the anti-abortion crowd
outdoor dining patio los angeles covid-19

Ahead of Labor Day Weekend, Health Officials Want Angelenos to Be ‘Super Careful’

With a long holiday weekend comes the fear that revelry will lead to an uptick in COVID-19 cases in L.A. County
shirley weber

California’s Top Elections Official on What You Need to Know About Voting in the Recall

Secretary of State Shirley Weber talks same-day voting options, Proposition 17 and what it means, and more
wi spa

Prosecutors Charge Local Trans Woman with Indecent Exposure in Wi Spa Incident

A June incident that spawned a viral video and an all-out war between political factions has resulted in multiple charges being filed against a local woman