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L.A. County Temporarily Lifts Limit on Cremations Because So Many People Are Dying

As COVID-19 causes the county's death rate to double, the body that oversees the region's air quality had to make concessions for crematoriums

The Thousands of Rea$ons L.A. Councilmen Gil Cedillo and Kevin de Le贸n Have Yet to Resign

Cityside Column: Stepping down would mean giving up their salary and the immediate job prospects are not so hot for these two

The $588M Sixth Street Viaduct, L.A.鈥檚 Newest Icon, Is Set to Open

The Sixth Street Viaduct replacement debuts after a six-year construction; it's said it will be as iconic as the Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory.

CHP Makes 607 DUI Arrests in First 36 Hours of Holiday Weekend

Authorities weren't kidding when they said they'd be looking to bust Labor Day Weekend DUI drivers, and there's still plenty of holiday to go
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Recall De Le贸n Campaign Seeks 25K Signatures as Council Disruption Continues

Despite calls to resign, City Council member Kevin de Le贸n has yet to step down, leading to a petition to remove him by vote

‘Scrubs’ Producer Eric Weinberg Allegedly Assaulted At Least 8 Women

The LAPD says that it has identified at least eight women Weinberg assaulted and expects that number to grow
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Alex Villanueva Demoted a Chief Who’s Challenging Him in the Race for Sheriff

Following a sudden demotion to commander, 30-year department vet Eli Vera says he believes Sheriff Villanueva is retaliating against him for political reasons

Astroworld Family Tells Travis Scott to Keep His Funeral Money

鈥淭his isn鈥檛 a photo-op,鈥 the family of 9-year-old Ezra Blount told Scott when he offered to pay for the boy鈥檚 funeral and asked to meet them
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Bassapalooza! Karen Bass Kicks Off L.A. Mayoral Candidacy

There鈥檚 a unique atmosphere at the first campaign rally for mayoral hopeful Karen Bass
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Protesters Opposed to New COVID Safety Measures Gather Outside L.A. Public Health Director鈥檚 House

As case counts and hospitalizations skyrocket, a mostly maskless group of demonstrators decried health measures outside Barbara Ferrer's home