California Officials Say Unemployment Pay for Workers Was Not a Priority

A state oversight agency found that CA does “not prioritize getting benefits to workers" while 6 million are left in limbo

L.A County Will Raise Minimum Wage in Unincorporated Areas on July 1

The increase to $15.96 an hour is 6.4 percent higher than the current minimum wage for unincorporated workers in the county
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Afghan Defense Scion Buys $20.9 Million Beverly Hills Mansion

Daoud Wardak, son of former Afghan Minister of Defense Abdul Rahim Wardak, expands his real estate portfolio with a new 9,000-square-foot estate
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A New Study Finds Reports of a Mass Exodus from California Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

New data is 'disappointing to those who want to write California's obituary'
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How Some City Leaders Keep Piles of Cash Flowing to Their Favored Causes

Since 2000, local pols have propelled a staggering $117 million in so-called 'behested payments.' Here's a breakdown of where that cash is coming from and where it's going

Elon Musk Says He Still ‘Strongly Believes’ in Crypto, but Backs Away from Bitcoin

The billionaire cryptocurrency booster has suddenly realized Bitcoin transactions are bad for the environment
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As the Threat of Layoffs and Furloughs Loomed, Some City Employees Still Made Bank in 2020

A glimpse at the city's six-figure earners, from fire captains to cops to port pilots
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Fundraising Is Underway for the 2022 Local Races. Here’s Who’s In the Lead

Money isn't everything, but early totals give us a glimpse of races to watch, from mayor to city council
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Half of 2020’s Ten Most Outrageously Expensive Home Sales Were in Southern California

Billionaires are making big bucks during the pandemic and buying up prime real estate from Benedict Canyon to Montecito
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Angelenos Are Less Satisfied Than People Elsewhere. Why and What Would Change That?

Several recent surveys and studies offer a glimpse at what's bumming us out