Camille Kostek Sets Record Straight on Rob Gronkowski-Julian Edelman Buccaneers Reports

The Sports Illustrated model speaks to LAMag at her Swimsuits For All pop up store in Santa Monica

CNN+ Streaming Service Shuttered Weeks After Launch

Staff were told that they are in a ”uniquely shitty situation” after outgoing management’s plans conflicted with Warner Bros. Discovery’s streaming vision
elon musk bel-air houses

The Elon Musk-Twitter Takeover Tale Just Took a Sharp Turn And Here’s Why

New reports revealed that the Tesla CEO's $43 million bid for a hostile takeover was rejected.

Marc Maron Has Hunch on How Chris Rock Will Finally Spill About Oscars’ Slap

"I’m just wondering what he’s thinking in terms of getting paid. I guess more will be revealed," the "WTF? With Marc Maron" host tells Los Angeles magazine

Los Angeles Magazine’s First COVID Cover Came Out Two Years Ago Today

Two weeks later, the entire city was transformed

Eve Babitz’s Hollywood Ending

The Eve Babitz revival was in full swing when she died just days before the passing of fellow West Coast literary legend Joan Didion. In this Los Angeles exclusive, Babitz’s family and friends recall the swaggering prose and lust for life that defined "L.A.’s Colette."

Britney Spears Will Release Tell-All Memoir

The pop star's story was acquired by Simon & Schuster for a reported $15 million

Anna Sorokin’s Victim Says ‘Inventing Anna’ Producers Got Duped by Her, Too

Former Vanity Fair editor Rachel Williams got suckered out of $62K by Anna Sorokin. Now she says Netflix made a hero of the scammer

Spotify Made Joe Rogan Mega-Rich While Pandora Allegedly Ripped Off Comics

Andrew ”Dice” Clay, Bill Engvall, plus the estates of George Carlin, Robin Williams and Ron White are suing the steamer for millions in royalties

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, Jesse Watters Have Bones to Pick With ‘SNL’ and Reddit

The two cable news hosts take on Kate McKinnon's impression and the social platform's "non-working" movement, respectively