Skid Row

CityDig: How Skid Row Became a Gathering Place for the Homeless

This 1921 map shows a downtown district where the down-and-out congregated

Legendary Unbuilt Disneyland Ride Comes to Life

Rolly Crump's Museum of the Weird finally materializes

The Kids Are All Right

While one group of young citizens across the country was fighting for civil rights during the 1960s, local teens were dealing with another urban struggle: curfews
riverside california

Why Is Riverside Called Riverside?

Like, is there even a river?
farmers market behind the scenes

A Peek Inside the Hidden Workshop that Keeps the Original Farmers Market Running

The duo who oversee the Fairfax landmark gives us a tour
pretty woman 30 years

Revisiting All of Pretty Woman’s Iconic Locations, 30 Years Later

From the Beverly Wilshire to the Natural History Museum (huh?), relive Vivian and Edward's unconventional fairy tale

City of Ruins: How Norman Klein Has Emerged As L.A.’s Most Innovative Social Critic

He’s an omnivorous urban theorist with heavyweight ideas

CityDig: These 31 Far-Flung Liquors Kept Depression-Era Angelenos Tipsy

The Hotel Clark’s post-prohibition ”Drinks of the World” map charts everything from corn whiskey to fermented camel’s milk

Carb Refuel

Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank foreshadowed an era...

CityDig: Look Back at the First 100 Years of L.A.

This upside-down cake of a cartogram shows a reverse look at L.A.’s burgeoning landscape going all the way back to 1781