L.A.’s “Suicide Triangle” and the Dark History of DTLA Hotels

In the days before credit cards and the internet, a hotel guest would often merely sign a guestbook; they could pretend to be anyone. It was perfect for risky or dark or sometimes tragic plans

Ask Chris: The Fate of the Coins Tossed Into Disneyland Fountains

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Book Excerpt: How A Branch of the Getty Family Became LGBTQ Icons

LAMag is proud to present an exclusive excerpt from James Reginato's book, "Growing Up Getty: The Story of America’s Most Unconventional Dynasty," out this week from Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster.

The Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr. Wants New LA Installation To Move To The Home of Ted Cruz

The installation pays “tribute to the heroes” most responsible for inciting the violent, anti-democratic riots of January 6th, 2021 including Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Tucker Carlson

Eve Babitz’s Hollywood Ending

The Eve Babitz revival was in full swing when she died just days before the passing of fellow West Coast literary legend Joan Didion. In this Los Angeles exclusive, Babitz’s family and friends recall the swaggering prose and lust for life that defined "L.A.’s Colette."

How Marty and Elayne Became Stars Among the Stars

For four decades, the couple performed their lounge act at the Dresden, slowly becoming as famous as the celebrities who gathered there to hear them

The History of Coach Clarence Mackey Jr. and the Watts Olympics

Son of Mackey recalls to LA Mag how his late father, a former UCLA star player, organized the sporting event

Inside the World of Venice Beach’s Legendary Basketball Courts

Pro ballers come from all over the world come to shoot hoops on the courts. But it’s the locals who are superstars

Bewitched: My Close Encounter With the Oracle of L.A.

”I felt confident that, as far as witches go, Amanda was the real deal.”
griffith park merry-go-round

The Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round Makes Its Return

Readers Ask Chris about local 9/11 memorials, and more