elon musk bel-air houses

Elon Musk, Twitter’s Favorite Tweeter, Is ‘Going Offline’

As the Tesla exec takes a breather, a look back at his turbulent history on the platform
where was the internet invented

50 Years Ago Today, the First Internet Message Was Dispatched from UCLA

Before there was Google or Facebook there was ARPANET, a rudimentary network that laid the groundwork for a revolution in technology

#PresidentPelosi Trends on Twitter After Donald Trump’s Latest Press Conference

People have the presidential line of succession on the brain
pro-trump facebook propaganda

A Lone Journalist Just Got a Giant Pro-Trump Ukrainian Propaganda Outlet Removed from Facebook

The page "I Love America" had reportedly been repurposing memes distributed by the Russian group highlighted in the Mueller Report
storm area 51

Only a Handful of People Showed Up to “Raid” Area 51, but It Still Got Weird

About 100 alien enthusiasts—and a whole bunch of reporters—traveled to Nevada to see how an internet joke would play out IRL
youtube verification

Some Popular YouTube Creators Are About to Lose Their Verified Status

Naturally, the creators in question are not pleased
popeyes chicken sandwich los angeles

Some L.A. Popeyes Are Reportedly Selling Out of Chicken Sandwiches

People are hitting up multiple locations to get a taste of the hyped-up new menu item
worst youtube apology videos

YouTubers Have Turned Terrible Apology Videos Into a Genre. These Are the Worst

Everyone from Logan Paul to James Charles has served up crocodile tears to their fans
anti-homeless facebook groups los angeles

Homeless Advocates Criticize Cops for Being Members of Private Facebook Groups

Leaked screenshots from two West San Fernando Valley groups include calls to harass homeless people