Gov. Newsom to Release $1B in Previously Withheld Homeless Funds

After scolding officials across the state earlier this month until they came up with a plan, Gavin Newsom means business

Skid Row Nation: How L.A.’s Homelessness Crisis Response Spread Across the Country

In recent years, homelessness marked by meth abuse and tents has moved from the Southland to other cities. So has the notion that it’s merely homes that the unhoused need.

Bringing Care to the Homeless Pets of L.A.

Many dogs currently living in L.A. shelters are going weeks or months without a walk or any time outside; the Melrose Vet is helping end this

Venus Williams On L.A.’s Healthcare and Homeless Crisis: We Must Keep Talking About It

”It's so important to talk about these topics because if we're not talking about them, then we can't address them,” tennis champ tells LAMag

San Fernando Valley’s First Homeless Shelter Honors the Late Alex Trebek

“Sadly, Alex passed away before I had the opportunity to tell him about this new site, but he did know his donation would go towards a homeless shelter,” HoTV Founder-CEO tells LAMag

Fires Raise Questions About ‘Tiny Homes’ As L.A. Homeless Settlement Looms

The pallet shelter homes are in Los Angeles and elsewhere, but fires in Oakland and Banning have destroyed structures and displaced people.

LA Family Housing Co-Chair on Mayor’s Proposed $1 Billion Plan To End Homelessness

"The housing is really important, but it also needs social services, it also needs medical care, we need more mental health care," LAFH's Blair Rich tells LA Mag

Tentative ‘Settlement’ in Lawsuit Over Homelessness Leaves Many Questions

Los Angeles County opposes the deal, as does the Los Angeles Community Action Network and at least one city councilmember

City Crews Clear Little Tokyo Homeless Encampment Amid Protests

Los Angeles city authorities cleared out a large homelessness encampment in downtown’s Little Tokyo on Thursday evening and Friday morning

In the Shadow of Meth on Skid Row (Photo Essay)

Editor's note: The images in this exclusive spread for Los Angeles magazine may be disturbing for some readers.